Friday, April 2, 2010

A Million Excuses

I have them but none of them are that training has halted! mainly because I'm sick. and well, I've ignored it for a bit per usual. so yesterday i went to the doctor. its pretty much the infection i had in September from passing kidney stones. only, as far as i can tell, i haven't passed any kidney stones. soooooo onto antibiotics and other pills that sounds severe but are probably pretty necessary. i've been like many other people who lose weight or train hard. i have become sloppy. yesterday as i sat in the doctors waiting room, i saw my friend who had just done the PF Chang in Tempe. I asked her if she was training for anything else. She said no thats it been hard to get motivated to train for another race after completing the other because she knows now she can do it... maybe i feel a little bit that way...i've got to change my mindset because even i'm getting tired of my own excuses. i'm walking today and letting the meds kick in before i start full on running. easter seems like as good of day as any to settle into my running schedule. dont get me wrong. all of this doesnt mean i have done nothing. it just means i've done things sporadically. like i did 2 6 mile long runs a few weeks ago. i worked out a few days last week and the week before. but that to me isnt training. and its not helping my weight loss or my mind. so i'm whittling down the million to zero...

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