Wednesday, February 18, 2009

to honor her

i have written before about the importance of a name and the gifts that people give us even when we dont know the time... last weekend the oldest apsaalooke woman died. she was 99 years old. if you put her life into perspective...she has lived a thousand lives that many of us will never even dream....i knew her...i knew her because she gave my family a great honor. she named my daughter. Annuchubaan Bia---Headwater Woman is the name Rose was given when she was 3 years old. A name is not something the receiver chooses...its a gift....that arrives to you like a flower may not see the beauty in it at first....but your name becomes planted in you and it will grow in whatever way you nuture it. I would say this woman's name but early on in her journey to the other side camp, people believe that if you continue to say her name she will think you are calling her back....and thats not what i want for her. This name she gifted to us was the very first name she was was significant of her birth red lodge, montana near the headwaters of the river....the headwaters are where things begin....they can begin with great force or gain momentum as they move toward the ocean....when she gave that name to rose, i thought it was a beautiful name but i didnt know what it would mean to my she grows and becomes a woman, it has lead her to be powerful, to lead, to be she is the beginning of something great and powerful and important....she is the headwaters of all things phenomenal.... and i am grateful that this apsaalooke bia believe that rose was gifted enough to allow my daughter to carry her name.... they laid her to rest today and circumstances did not allow us to be there....but i want people to know that she has honored us and i will always be grateful for the seed she planted in my daughter--she has become her name and her name has become her...we wish her namer all the great blessings that the other place holds for her...

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