Sunday, April 19, 2009

hows it going?

its busier than i can even begin to tell you. for some reason my very-limited practice is especially crazy right now. court dates, paperwork everything...clients who want to talk for hours at a time. i feel bad billing them for the time but i've offered several ways to alleviate hour long phone calls and told them as much. i also told them the point was so that they wouldnt get charged the hourly rate....but hey its not my money, and they have been fully apprised. softball should be fun. these little girls are still moldable...i mean that in a eager to learn sort of way. i like that about 12 year olds....old enough to understand not too old and full of attitude. i loved coaching...really it was the parents that i didnt enjoy. its softball folks...your daughter is never going to play olympic softball or even college ball...if you want her to, you should be taking her to camps and having her play summer competitive league too...if you dont...dont put that shit on me...i'm a volunteer. i've always been a volunteer. and if you want to bitch about how i had every opportunitty not just to come to practice and help but also to be the coach. this year, i'm coaching because nobody else would do it. my kid isnt even on the team. so if you want to complain....shut up....and do what you've been doing...nothing.... rose is off in a million things. yesterday she had a solo at music festival and then a track meet. tomorrow, the orthodontist, school, track practice, volleyball open gym and then taekwondo....holy crap i dont know how she does it. there are days she wants to keep going. this weekend was the powwow. but we didnt go because at some point, we all need to sleep. everybody in my house was asleep by 11 last night. for some reason my sleep is off lately. i'm trying to get myself back to a morning schedule. the sunshine helps alot. tomorrow i have to get everything done so i can go to rose's track meet in kalispell on tuesday. she runs the 2 mile which is always the last event of the day. but she also does long jump and triple jump which is somewhere mixed in the middle. we're back to living out of the car because we've got places to go and things to see. this weekend we are going to see my folks and go to a taekwondo tournament. when i did my taxes last week, i realized i put 40,000 miles on my car last year. i know! work, lots of trips home, tournaments, games and everything else. maybe even more this summer....the sunshine has been good so far....

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