Friday, November 21, 2008

famous sighting number 2 & 3

Ha ha, one of my best friends wrote on her blog about seeing nicole kidman when she worked at hastings...for some reason that reminded me of one other time i saw a famous person...btw, i used to work at hastings and BB used to be my manager....oh when all i had to do was restock movies... anyway once when the kid was about 2 we went to kmart...which is weird because since they got rid of the icee machine and the weird ham sandwiches upfront...theres no reason to go to kmart..but there we were at the back by the sporting goods and hunting stuff...there was this nice looking man standing at the counter with his 2 kids waiting for someone to help him air up his basketball...he looked at me and i smiled. why? because i'm from montana and when people look at you, you should say hello or smile or at least acknowledge that someone else is alive besides yourself...sheeesshhh...he smiled back and after about a very slow ten seconds...i realized it was huey lewis... #3 after i finished law school in 2002, i moved down to santa fe for a job...things were ok but i never really adjusted and santa fe really is a strange place to live. if it had been albuquerque, i might have stayed. anyway, i lived about 2 blocks from the plaza. it was a decent place except for the methhead who lived next door. just about every weekend there was some kind of festival going on at the plaza. i liked to take the kid there and walk around looking at things. i went into this coat shop that sold pendleton coats for an outrageous amount of money. my mom makes awesome coats 10 times nicer than those in that store. my mind starting churning about how i could market her stuff in santa i walked out of the shop, i almost ran into this man--spiky red hair, very skinny and about as tall as me. even though we tried to avoid colliding, it wasnt gonna hurt me if he ran into me because he weighed about 140...and had on a white frilly poet shirt and leather pants...who the hell wears leather pants and a poet shirt when its still hot as hell in santa fe....ron dunn does...from the famous country duo of brooks and dunn.... note to self--everyone is shorter than they appear on tv.... not my sighting but equally as good--my brother was in a yoga class with shaquille O'Neill..

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