Wednesday, November 12, 2008

stuff to know

i like to eat things out of bowls--i dont like plates...except i eat ice cream out of coffee cups my gramma used to open up the whole ice cream box and cut it with a big knife last summer, i won 1/2 a beef and a freezer. i never win anything i dont look like either of my brothers my favorite color right now is pink i heard where the streets have no name today in the car and i was immediately back in 10th grade on the bus for a speech meet. i varsity lettered in speech i sewed my first dress when i was 7. i hate skiing i was once published in a literary magazine. the topic was love and erotica. i think my mom thinks i write porn. i actually wrote about love... i dont like pencils. i feel kind of nauseated when i write with car sickness only with pencils i dont like burritos--i open the whole damn thing up and put it in a bowl... my hair is over half grey i dont have hair on my legs..not by genetics....

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