Thursday, January 15, 2009

Crabby Cancer

i like to read my horoscope...i always have and i read about two of them a day...that doesnt mean i believe every word but its one of those things where i say..what can it hurt? its interesting that my horoscope has been very on astrology also seems to go very closely with my chinese calendar (see i told you). todays seems exceptionally poignant while i am going through some things this week. i continue to believe that prayer is a powerful thing...that wishing good things into the universe is a great gift not just for those wished for but for those wishing. last night i listened to a man speak about a dream he had. in this dream he saw a trail head and that trail was going to take him to "his" place. in his waking life he knew where that trail head was but had never climbed it before. when he got there, a song came to him. while he was telling this, he was overcome by the power of what he said and what following that offering had meant for him...i am warmed to see people who believe so deeply in the gifts they are given and that there is no shame in his opportunity to be thankful for it. where i was last night is important to me, i wasnt raised in that place but i was brought into it and i am greatful to pray with these people. i see men there who emulate the qualities that i seek in a mate and one of them being that i want someone i can pray with like that, someone who even if they have never gone before, will be open to praying with me and with these people and understand the greatness and strength that i believe prayer has. our prayers are all carried up in songs and i also admire a man who is not afraid to sing and hear his own voice. as indian people, we are taught that prayer has existed for us since the beginning of time, since humans were created and before when only animals existed. it is important to ask for our prayers and be mindful of what may come if our prayers are answered. i thought today's horoscope was a point in the direction to be mindful of my requests and make them about me, not about someone else. and while what happened last night shared a lot of similarities with other experiences i have had there with other people, i need to look forward to what i want and be specific and mindful. i know what the past is and i dont want to compare it to my future. because the past had its value but its gone on and i have only the present and the future. Daily Extended for January 15, 2009 (Today) Cancer 6/22 – 7/22 Overview As you embark upon a new relationship or project, it's only natural that a failed relationship or project from the past should enter your mind. But before you start focusing on all the similarities, look at the contrasts! You can't start letting the past cast a shadow over your present -- you need to stay open and positive right now. It can be hard to do push your fears aside, but you can if you push hard enough and often enough. Whenever stinkin' thinkin' pops into your mind, push it out!

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