Saturday, January 31, 2009

time well spent

so for the past two days i have been sitting at the hospital....several months ago my friend becca asked me to be her birthing coach....mainly i think because her husband had taken a job in another town and she wasnt sure if he would make it in time if she went into labor..... after 2 almost full days of breathing and pushing and payton was born at 9:50 pm january 30, 2009....having only been on the giving end of birth and not ever seeing it from any other angle, the whole experience was fascinating...of course no one wants to see her friend in pain and becca was in a lot of pain....i thoroughly enjoy and was honored to be a part of the whole was amazing and fascinating and wonderful to be a part of something so ordinary and so monumental.... my baby is already 14 and in high school with a very nice boy who seems to like her...and she has grown so fast in front of me and at times i still see her as a little to see someone starting that journey and a journey becca so wanted is hopeful and delicate and something i appreciate more than anybody really knows....

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