Monday, January 26, 2009

i have to tell you

i love being a stay at home housewife without the husband.... i do what i want...of course i have to make some rules for myself about what gets done in a day but i do what i want when i want and it never involves leaving my house! why does that seem so joyful? because i havent worked at home since 2004? i love to work at home...i like to take breaks when i want to and be super productive when the mood hits me...sometimes i can do 3 days worth of work in a six hour stretch when the mood strikes (or the pressures on;)) i like to make tea and sit in the tub in the middle of the day. i like to change clothes if the ones i have on dont work for me...i like to paddle around in my new pink walmart to listen to the tv when i am typing....and i like to sleep with my dog until 9 am....i realize that my life is pretty charmed right now and i am grateful for the opportunity to heal and grow on my own terms. tomorrow i think i will bake a cake...

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