Wednesday, December 3, 2008

20 Things i did today

1.i ate. 2. i baked 3. i wrote. 4. i started crocheting a belt. 5. i planned my next beading project. 6. i worked out hard at the gym for two hours. 7. i bought stuff for a ribbon shirt. 8. i talked to my daddy. 9. i missed jb immensley and then moved on. 10. i did some yoga. 11. i wrote some more. 12. i took rose to dance class. 13 i measured my blood pressure which was a pretty 129/72 14. i thought about what to say to you. 15. i slept in. 16. i drank some good white wine. 17. i ate a lot of broccoli 18. i heard from friends who are always there even though i keep to myself. 19. i lifted so many weights i hope i am sore. 20. i forgave...

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