Thursday, December 4, 2008

i'm sick

always in my life i have never had time to be sick. i'm sick now. it just came out of nowhere yesterday and by 2pm i was ready to lay down and die. but i didnt. i kept going. i didnt go to the gym though. my ears are dry and itchy, my throat sore, my nose runny and i'm tired. so i took a bath put on my jammies and hung out. i'm so self sufficient, that while asleep last night, i propped myself up on another pillow, emptied my vase with the wooden flowers on my nightstand and set it close by, just in case. and i drank some water. i vaguely remember doing this but not really. i remember kind of choking and thats why i needed the extra pillow. i wanted to be sick today but i had to go to polson for the kids contacts. by the time we got back, i thought i should try the gym (besides my horoscope said--even if you dont feel good go to the gym). and now i am home again. i want to be sick tomorrow but have a trillion appts already scheduled. so if i still feel like this on saturday, saturdays the sick day. although i would like to go to the griz playoff game.... on another uplifting note...there seem to be cutey men everywhere i go...were they always there? or are they just there now because i'm single...i dont care...smiley cutey men are on the top of the list today...even if i am sick.

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