Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More stuff I did

1. i worked more on the belt. 2. i started on three belt buckles. 3. i cut out the ribbon shirt and am now contemplating designs. 4. i got sick....initially, i thought maybe i felt shitty because wine upsets my ulcer but i've never gotten a running nose, sore throat and cold toes from i'm sick 5. i didnt get to go see my mommy at the hot springs because i dont want to get her sick. 6. I also worked some more on the beaded purse i am making. 7. i vaccumed. 8. i watched, run to the stronghold thunderheart, the soldiers are coming... 9. i soaked in the tub with some really good oil that smells like hawaii 10. i'm going to fix the itunes on rose's shuffle so she will stop singing PYT and thriller....

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