Wednesday, December 31, 2008

dumb boys

only true bff's will do boy-recon and never let on....and tell you the truth about what they find out.... today's recon news was a bummer, less because he has a new rebound girlfriend(and god bless that it wasnt me--you never really want to be the first rebound for anybody...maybe i should hurry up and get it over with so someone wont be that for me) and more because he wasnt cool. its lame to let somebody hangout there and then not even do or say anything more...its more than lame, its weak. in the dating game, even the most confident people sometimes expect to get shotdown when asking someone out....other people who are less confident actually expect it rather than the other....but at least have the decency to say thanks but no thanks.... because worse than being lame, is being weak...and its preventable... now back to our regularly scheduled deep thoughts....

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