Wednesday, December 17, 2008

not every post needs a kleenex

even though it may sound like it sometimes, my life here in the perfect montana town isnt that bad.... i just write the things going through my head....sometimes i want to write about nothing so i do, sometimes the things i start to write about are so crazy and heavy that i have left them in the draft pile. but either way... right now i have a few things to say.... about the previous post, i dont have a deadline on things, put the offer was to come to a party and if you dont respond, shyness doesnt preempt good manners....but theres always ways to overcome.... i'm really glad that my friends waited for me...sometimes you dont realize what a backseat your friends take when you're in a relationship....sure good sense tells you to balance out relationships but i dont know one person who has never become so intertwined with a relationship as not to let your friends slide a bit. when all of this started my friend lyr said "sometimes you just need to say enough is enough" and he's been there since the beginning. and i knew he was right....he's always there, sometimes sharing his opinion, sometimes not...but after 17 years of being friends i'm still glad he waited for me to get back to our normal window shopping and fashion critiquing. another friend, bb also said some magical words to me....she said "even if you go back, no one will think less of you or support or love you any less, we all know how hard something like this is" you know who your friends are in the tough times but it also matters when you have something wonderful to share...who will you call....these and luckily for me, many more people have been there for me and waited for me to pull myself together and see what they see. but even if i didnt my friends allow me to make choices. they dont have to agree with them, they just have to love me through them (and sometimes pray real hard that i'll get a clue). i've had the same friends for 20 years....i'm thankful that you still waited for me...and that text was invented so that i can send lyrics to songs that are important to all of how you are wind beneath my wings and i'm the greatest love of all and you can do me in the morning, you can do me in the night.... so thanks for waiting.... this facebook business has brought me back in touch with tons of people i didnt even know how to find but always wondered about....and i'm totally grateful for all of it...its cool to see how we've grown up or not and how easy it was to see us all fall back in line together.... i'd propose a toast but i've sworn off drinking before 10:30

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Amy Witcher said...

It's got to be 10:30 somewhere :) but seriously I love the strength your blog posts have shown. I'm definitely coming to Missoula next year - we should catch up!