Sunday, December 7, 2008

is calgon really a cure?

probably not because in my case it makes things worse by giving me a rash on my skin. i soak in pikake oil that i bought at the good food store..i had one of those moments where i realized that i would spend ten dollars on that oil for somebody else but not myself. and i have been looking at it and smelling it for probably a year. so two weeks ago i bought it with the promise to myself that if i bought it, i couldnt save it. i do that too, i buy something nice and save it for "good" whatever the hell that means. so each day i soothe myself by smelling like hawaii. i loved hawaii when we went there, so many things seemed ideal...even if others werent. today was a hard day for all sorts of reasons. i took a bath with my oil, drank a beer, ate some of rose's christmas cookies and i still have a headache. maybe sleep is the cure.


Cheryl said...

Good for you for doing something nice for yourself. I do that all the time too. I see things and think, nah, I could buy the kids some more clothes or pay extra on a bill and come home with nothing. Then I really wish I would've bought it. We gotta treat ourselves every now and again!

Bridget said...

A day at the spa, a massage, taking time to relax, breathe, think. You are doing that right now, and I am so proud of you! You are my inspirations rigth now!