Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Now is not the time

Its almost New Years Eve....i always had a die hard rule for relationships that if i didnt spend new years with you, i didnt want to spend the next year with you....i think in the past i put alot of effort and validation into certain ideals that, well, are not worth the effort.... alot of people i know are scrambling for resolutions right about now..... heres what i have to tell you....my new year started over 3 months ago....so this new years eve feels more like any other day....i have all the good wishes for everybody but my time to start my "resolutions" was months ago and all i can do is take it day by day and keep at it.... for the last ten years...i have seen new years as a day closer to my opportunitty to pray...around here the ceremonies start on new years day....and so they will and i will too.... praying for what we need and what we want and our wishes for each other....as everyday should be....

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