Sunday, December 7, 2008

keeping track

who would have thought that i would ever spend a saturday night at the gym? not me. but since i was sick on friday and didnt hike the m, i went to the gym for two hours yesterday. and it was killing me. but if you ask me do i want to go to the gym...i'm going to tell you yes. its commits me and then i hate to look like a chump. so thank goodness my workout partner who can also be known all the other 22 hours of the day as my fab-u-lous cousin has been making sure i commit to working out. she reminds me of what i was and where i might be heading to again...but thats another blog... i might even go again today. while i'm working hard each time, i dont think i'm in any place to worry about training injuries just yet. i lift weights, i even did ab work which i hate. i dont know why i hate it i just do but as has been the lesson so far just because i dont like it doesnt mean i wont get the results i want. and since my cousin has lost like 30 lbs in three months and does ab work everyday, i see that the results can be bigger than my dislike for it. i use sparkpeople to track my food, my exercise, my weight and a whole bunch of other things. i've used weight watchers which i liked but had to pay for, i used which is ok but didnt have enough tools, i tried mypyramid which has some helpful stuff but i settled on sparkpeople because it gives me dumb little incentives like points for logging in. i get to spin this wheel for my login points. twice last week on the wheel there was a free t-shirt for me to win...i didnt but i spun that wheel like it was the prices right taking me to the showcase show down. sparkpeople also lets me track certain minerals and other things i need to focus on. i need to keep track of my sodium intake because of my blood pressure. i also keep track of my vitamins and my fiber. somedays i see more vegetables on my tracker somedays not. i like weight watchers because it assigned all your food point values. some things in serving sizes had no point values, like vegetables. somethings that were higher in fats and sugar had bigger point values than the calories would usually add up to. it also allowed a person to eat the number of activity points you had earned that day. so i could eat my points on any foods, i didnt necessarily have to count my vegetables other than to make sure i was getting enough servings and then if i wanted a little extra i could eat it if i worked out that day and still lose weight. it also has some highly trafficked boards with alot of the same people on everyday so its nice to follow their stories and easy to do. and do you know what the sad part is? i think i know all the formulas for ww but i still cant quite make it work without being on the website. so i'm sticking to what i've got on spark people and seeing how it goes. i also like spark people because theres alot of articles and actual videos on there for weightloss, mental health and exercise. and if you need it, it will come up with a weight training program for you, meal plans and has you set goals and then tells you what you need to do to get there. sometimes i'm all about being told instead of doing the telling. and its better for sparkpeople to tell me what to do because if i decide not to do it, then it doesnt have personal feelings when i tell it to fuck off.... they should give me a damn t-shirt just for writing this. on another note, i'm deeply disturbed by the fact that people eat so shitty, that all sorts of foods are now adding extra fiber to their ingredients. splenda for example--why do i need my fake sweetener to have fiber in it? does my coffee need fiber? NO if i'm drinking coffee i know what the after effects maybe be and i dont need the extra fiber to move that along. some answers are easy--eat some vegetables people and if that doesnt work drink some hot water and honey because everything else causes a trainwreck. ps if you decide to sign up for sparkpeople tell them user lovelylime referred gives me more use on nothing but i still like the points.

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