Wednesday, December 10, 2008

things i did today

1. i highlighted my myself...the verdict is still out. but i have my hairstylist on emergency standby. 2. i had lunch with my friend 3. i had wine AND huckleberry ice cream at lunch. 4. i went to my fantabulous counselor today....she's like a good friend, with good shoes only you have to make an appt to see her... 5. i searched high and low for a washer. i found 2 of the same model, both 400 bucks new. even the used ones were outrageous. Are you fucking kidding me? plus the people trying to sell them to me thought i was a dumb girl...yeah i'm a dumb girl who knows that i can get a new frontloader for 2oo more with a warranty..... 6. i was reassured that i love being a girl when a cute boy gave me his business card "just in case." ha! in case what? 7. i wore my contacts all day...i've had glasses since i was 6. contacts are weird for me...if i get wrinkles around my eyes its because i had to pull my eyes open so big to get the contacts on there. 8. i rearranged (which also means cleaned) my room so that when i wake up, i am not staring directly at my office. the feng shui says its not so good. i made myself a cubicle. 9. i pretended to be brave and finally distributed my phone number to word on that one either... 10. i actually let myself stay home from the gym because i'm tired and i want my room clean...when you're on a roll you shouldnt interrupt... 11. i'm putting in my application tomorrow for what could be my dream-ish job....its in missoula and i dont want to commute but the job itself is dreamy. 12. i realized that i can "listen" to music videos on youtube while i clean.....which is awesome. 13. i felt happy today.... reassured...i realized that so many of my friends are pregnant, engaged or newly married and that all makes me happy. happy for them. happy for myself and reassured that change has come...its not something distant but right here in this instant. AND I LIKE IT...

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